Blinds Are Up! Poker Timer App

Available on the Google Play Store
Google playDownload Blinds Are Up! from the Google Play Store and start using it within seconds:

  1. Select a Blinds Schedule
  2. Select a Level Length
  3. Press Start

Then, shuffle up and deal!


  • Clear, easy-to-read display
  • 5 Built-in, ready-to-use Schedules
  • Schedule Editor
  • Schedule Generator
  • End-of-Level Alarm
  • Supports all phone and tablet screen sizes
  • Runs on Android 2.3 and above

Edit the blinds and level structure, even while the timer is counting down:

  • Skip forward and backwards any number of Levels
  • Edit the Blinds Schedule
  • Change Blind/Ante amounts
  • Add/remove Levels
  • Add/remove Breaks

The Timer will stop only when you want it to, so when it’s running you can:

  • Change the Blinds, Levels, or other Settings
  • Use other apps
  • Exit and re-start Blinds Are Up!
  • Even reboot your device

When you start Blinds Are Up! it will always know which Level you’re on and how much time is left.