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Blinds Are Up! Poker Timer in action

Blinds Are Up! Poker Timer

From private single-table games to public multi-table tournaments, the Blinds Are Up! poker timer is trusted by game hosts around the world to show their players the current state of their games. In addition to showing the remaining level time and current blinds, you can track and display entries, prizes, remaining players, average chip stacks, scheduled breaks, and more to ensure the information you and your players need is available at a glance.

The #1 Poker Timer on Google Play!
The #1 Poker Timer on Google Play!


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App Releases

Blinds Are Up! 3.9.8 Released

Version 3.9.8 Added support for Keyboard Shortcuts (see Tools > Keyboard Shortcuts). Game History screen now keeps 20 of your most recent game results. Added ability to delete ... Read more

Blinds Are Up! 3.9.7 Released

Version 3.9.7 Minor fixes: After using Quick Setup on the Set Up Tourney screen, the information shown under the Blinds Schedule section is now refreshed to show the latest ... Read more

Blinds Are Up! 3.9.6 Released

Version 3.9.6 Added support for Level/Break Titles (shown above the countdown timer) and Messages (shown below the current blinds). Set for each Level and Break using the ... Read more