Blinds Are Up! 3.5.3, 3.5.4 Released

Version 3.5.4 Android 11 compatibility update. Version 3.5.3 The app now checks to see whether Google Play Services is installed and enabled which helps a number of the app’s functions to work correctly. On the Run Tournament screen, buttons for Rebuys, Add-ons, etc. are now disabled until the first player is added. Fixed: Early Bird … Read more

Blinds Are Up! 3.5.1, 3.5.2 Released

Version 3.5.1 Added some common operations to the Help dialog accessed from the Run Tournament screen. Renamed the Level Length screen to ‘Timer Options’ and simplified its contents. Version 3.5.2 Tapping Time to Next Break on the Sidebar now takes you to the Blinds Schedule screen. Fixed issue where notifications could cause the app to … Read more

Blinds Are Up! 3.5 Released

For users with ‘No Ads Plus’ upgrade: Support for a notification which shows the current blinds and remaining level/break time on Android’s lock screen. This option ensures alarms remain active when the screen is off and allows you to quickly check the current blinds and remaining time without unlocking your device.

Fun with Bounties: Chocolate Bounty Chips

Early in 2020 I had an idea for introducing a fun but harmless type of Bounty into a monthly poker game I run – Chocolate Bounty Chips! I didn’t want to affect the game’s basic structure as we had already started our 2020 league season. But I knew that adding a free element to the … Read more

Blinds Are Up! 3.4.2 Released

Minor updates to extend support for Big Blind Antes: Added a Big Blind Ante option to the Schedule Editor which makes the Ante automatically match the level’s Big Blind amount. Adjusted the Schedule Generator to account for the effect of Big Blind Antes towards end of game. Updated the built-in schedules to use Big Blind … Read more

Blinds Are Up! 3.4 Released

This release adds new features to better support cash and micro stakes games, increases the upper limits of stack sizes and blind amounts to support games that use very high chip values, and extends features available when using the ‘Simple’ money & prizes mode. New in this version: Added option to show ‘Time to Next … Read more

When exactly do the blinds go up?

One thing I often see at the poker table, both in public tournaments and in private games, is a player hastily pushing forward their Big Blind chips when the previous hand has finished with just a few seconds of the blinds level remaining. Hoping to “beat the clock”, they soon end up disappointed after being … Read more