Here’s Blinds Are Up! in action, with screenshots of the app running on a phone, and on 7-inch and 10-inch tablets.


Main Display (HTC Desire S)

Main Blinds Display
The clear and easy-to-read display shows the Countdown Time and the Current Small / Big Blind Amounts.

  • Tap the Countdown Time to Start/Pause the Timer
  • Tap the Previous or Next blind amounts to change the Current Level, without interrupting the current countdown time
  • Tap the Current Blind Amounts to Show/Hide the Main Controls

Here, the options to Show the Schedule Name and Show Previous and Next Blinds are turned on.

(Screenshot: HTC Desire S)

Main Controls (HTC Desire S)

Main Controls
Tapping the current blind amounts on the Main Display will show or hide the Main Controls, where you can:

  • Start and Pause the countdown
  • Reset the timer and, by pressing Reset again, move to the first Level
  • Jump to the Next or Previous Levels, without interrupting the current countdown time
  • Change the Level Length
  • Go to one of the other screens where you can select a Level Length or Blinds Schedule, generate a new Blinds Schedule, or change various application settings.

(Screenshot: HTC Desire S)

Select a Schedule (Nexus 7)

Blinds Are Up! comes with a number of built-in, ready-to-use, blinds schedules. Any of these can be used immediately as they are, or copied and used as the basis of your own custom schedules.

(Screenshot: Google Nexus 7)

Schedule Generator (Nexus 7)

Schedule Generator
Here’s the Schedule Generator. By selecting a few variables, a blinds schedule will be automatically calculated to ensure the game finishes close to your required time.

The schedule can be saved and then edited to add breaks or to tweak the blind amounts.

(Screenshot: Google Nexus 7)

Schedule Editor (Motorola Xoom)

Schedule Editor
To create a custom blinds schedule, you can either copy one of the built-in schedules or use the generator to get you started.

You can then add and remove levels, adjust blind and ante amounts, and add breaks. You can also edit the schedule’s display name and add a full description to the schedule for later reference.

(Screenshot: Motorola Xoom)

Settings (Nexus 7)

There are options to sound an alarm at the end of each level, to show or hide the next and previous blind amounts, an option to always keep the screen on, and options to control how the text is displayed and how it responds to screen taps.

(Screenshot: Google Nexus 7)