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Blinds Are Up! 3.9.6 Released

Version 3.9.6

  • Added support for Level/Break Titles (shown above the countdown timer) and Messages (shown below the current blinds). Set for each Level and Break using the Schedule Editor (Set Up Tourney > Blinds Schedule).

    Titles and Messages can be used to show current game variation in multi-game schedules (such as HORSE), additional betting info (such as Bring-in, Completion or Limits), reminders to colour-up chips during breaks, show when Rebuy period is ending, or any other information you'd like to show during particular levels.

  • If Previous and Next Blinds are being shown, the 'Next' section will now show 'BREAK' during level immediately before a break, with either the break's Message or the following level's Blinds shown below it.