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Blinds Are Up! Poker Timer Guide


The Tools screen provides access to a number of tools that a game host might find useful in running their games.

The Game History screen shows the results of the last 20 games that used the Player Database to track players. For each game, the number of entries, rebuys, etc. are shown, along with the Prize List and where each player finished. This information can be exported to CSV files.

The Side Pot Calculator will give you the correct pot sizes for multiple all-ins, saving you the headache of doing the maths yourself.

The Poker Dictionary has over 700 definitions, abbreviations, and hand nicknames. Poker Quotations has dozens of insights and quips from legendary players and celebrities.

Poker TDA Rules is a searchable copy of the rules published by the Poker Tournament Directors Association.

The Cast Screen tool will help you show your device's screen on a TV, and has shortcuts to the relevant Android system settings screens.

The Keyboard Shortcuts screen shows you the list of shortcuts available for devices with a hardware keyboard (such as Chromebooks) or for when a keyboard is connected via bluetooth.

The Blinds Display Language screen allows you to select from a small number of languages to use for the main blinds display (the rest of the app is English-only). It also allows you to enter your own text to use for the various pieces of text that's shown on the blinds display.

The Android Device Settings section contains shortcuts to various Android Settings screens on your device useful for getting Blinds Are Up! to run at its best.

The other tools on this screen - accessible to users with any of the available app upgrades - are for exporting and importing your Tournamment Settings, Player Database and Poker League. These tools allow you to easily backup and transfer data between devices.

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