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Blinds Are Up! Poker Timer Guide


From private single-table games to public multi-table tournaments, the Blinds Are Up! poker timer is trusted by game hosts around the world to show their players the current state of their games. In addition to showing the remaining level time and current blinds, you can track and display entries, prizes, remaining players, average chip stacks, scheduled breaks, and more to ensure the information you and your players need is available at a glance.

The #1 Poker Timer on Google Play!
The #1 Poker Timer on Google Play!

Customise the display by showing as much or as little of the available information as your players need. Change the colours of the text and background, or use a background image.

End-of-level alarms can be set to customisable spoken announcements, built-in sounds, or any of the alarms or ringtones on your device.

The app includes easy-to-use tools to generate and edit schedules, calculate the chips required for starting stacks, calculate prize percentages and payout amounts, help you cast the screen to a TV, plus a handy poker references with over 700 definitions and quotations.

The Guide

This guide to using Blinds Are Up! briefly describes many of the app's features and tools that will help you run a successful poker game.

If you're in a hurry just read the Getting Started section. You can always come back later for more tips on using the many functions within Blinds Are Up!

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