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Blinds Are Up! 5.0.0 - 5.2.0

Version 5.2.0 Fewer ads in free version of app: Ads are no longer shown when the Blinds Display is in Full Screen mode. Added a Redtooth Poker schedule to the built-in schedules (Set Up Tourney > Load). Compatibility updates for Android 14. Version 5.1.0 Added searchable page of rules from the Poker Tournament Directors Association (Tools > Poker TDA Rules). Added 'Knocked-out players stay in reserved seats' option (Set Up Tourney > Config Seating). Added Czech and Italian to the Blinds ... Read more

Blinds Are Up! 4.7.0 - 4.7.5

Version 4.7.5 The time of a player's entry/rebuy is now tracked and is shown at the bottom of the Tourney Players screen. Fixed issues navigating between Poker Dictionary entries. Fixed a display issue when using 'Replace' on the Save Tournament Settings screen. Updated the links to with secure (https) URLs. Version 4.7.4 On the Save Tournament Settings screen, you can now switch between viewing details of saved settings and current tourney settings. Improved support for ... Read more

Blinds Are Up! 4.6.0 - 4.6.3

Version 4.6.3 Improved performance of the Blinds Display Language screen. Fixed issue where Custom Language settings were not being saved on some devices. Version 4.6.2 Previously-saved tourney settings are now listed alphabetically on the Set Up Tourney > Save/Load screens. Memory usage improvements to reduce chances of ANR errors. Version 4.6.1 Increased maximum number of league games per season to 110 (enough for an annual season of twice-weekly games). Minor performance improvements ... Read more

Blinds Are Up! 4.5.0 - 4.5.3

Version 4.5.3 Added the Side Pot Calculator tool to give you the correct pot sizes for multiple all-ins. See: Tools > Side Pot Calculator. Fixed: When deleting a game from a season, the display of league standings is now refreshed to show the updated league points. Version 4.5.2 Added a Poker League stats report for individual games in a season. Moved the Poker League's ''delete game'' button to the Edit Game Results screen. Added a shortcut to Android's ''Battery optimization'' settings ... Read more

Blinds Are Up! 4.4.0 Released

Version 4.4 In Numbers Only player-tracking mode, you can now enter the number of Entries directly via a long-press on the '+ Player' and Undo buttons. Increased the maximum number of prizes from 10 to 15. Memory usage improvements to reduce chances of ANR errors ... Read more

Blinds Are Up! 4.3.0 Released

Version 4.3 Added shortcut key (Ctrl+C) for Call the Clock. Shortcut is available when 'Call the Clock' is displayed on the sidebar, and when either the Blinds Display is in Full Screen mode or the Run Tournament screen is shown. You can now enter points for up to 50 finishing positions when editing a List of points for the league Points System. Adjusted the padding of the 'HTML Table' versions of league stats tables. Fixed the line breaks when pasted into other apps. Improved the poker ... Read more

Blinds Are Up! 4.2.0 Released

Version 4.2 Support for League Points Formulas. Use a mathematical expression to calculate how many points to award players for each finishing position in a game. Use variables to calculate points based on a player's finishing position and other values from the game ... Read more

Blinds Are Up! 4.1.0 Released

Version 4.1 Added "Delete" button to the Save Tourney Settings screen. Increased maximum number of finishing positions on the Points Scoring System to 30. Fixed an item selection display issue for poker league standings lists ... Read more

Blinds Are Up! 4.0.0 Released

Version 4.0 Manage your own Poker League: Create multiple Seasons, with up to 25 Games per Season. Add the results of your games from the Game History screen, or enter results using the Game Results editor. Specify how many points are awarded to players for each finishing position (points formulas coming soon!). View tables of statistics for season games and players' performances ... Read more

Blinds Are Up! 3.9.8 Released

Version 3.9.8 Added support for Keyboard Shortcuts (see Tools > Keyboard Shortcuts). Game History screen now keeps 20 of your most recent game results. Added ability to delete game results from the Game History screen. Fixed: The 'Select Sound' dialog caused a crash when a previously selected sound was no longer present on the device. Minor UI updates. Improved compatibility with Chromebook devices. The minimum supported Android version is now 5.0 ... Read more

Blinds Are Up! 3.9.7 Released

Version 3.9.7 Minor fixes: After using Quick Setup on the Set Up Tourney screen, the information shown under the Blinds Schedule section is now refreshed to show the latest values. Improved the Chip Calculator's Auto-Calculate algorithm. The calculated Starting Stack Chips can now match a greater range of Starting Stack Sizes. On some devices, pressing and releasing multiple navigation buttons at the same time could trigger a crash ... Read more

Blinds Are Up! 3.9.6 Released

Version 3.9.6 Added support for Level/Break Titles (shown above the countdown timer) and Messages (shown below the current blinds). Set for each Level and Break using the Schedule Editor (Set Up Tourney > Blinds Schedule). Titles and Messages can be used to show current game variation in multi-game schedules (such as HORSE), additional betting info (such as Bring-in, Completion or Limits), reminders to colour-up chips during breaks, show when Rebuy period is ending, or any other information ... Read more

Blinds Are Up! 3.9.5 Released

Version 3.9.5 You can now filter player lists using search text, or by using Player Flags assigned to players on the Tourney Players and Player Database screens. When the end-of-level alarms sound, the app now briefly lowers the volume of any other media currently playing on the device so the alarms and speech can be heard more clearly. For users of the ad-supported version of the app, you can now edit the names of the six players in the default Player Database. You still need one of the ... Read more

Blinds Are Up! 3.9.4 Released

Version 3.9.4 Added an option to add a Knockout when adding a Rebuy (see Money & Prizes > Rebuys > 'Add Knockout on Rebuy'). When tracking players by name, this option allows you to select a 'Knocked Out by' player when adding a Rebuy, and will let you see the order in which players rebuy in the player lists and Game History file. Money amounts for buy-ins, rebuys, etc. are now saved to Game History files. Fixed issue where CSV files might not be selectable when importing from Google Drive ... Read more

Blinds Are Up! 3.9.3 Released

Version 3.9.3 Fixed issue where Sidebar settings might not be persisted after importing from a CSV Settings file ... Read more

Blinds Are Up! 3.9.2 Released

Version 3.9.2 When knocking out a player (in 'Player Database' tracking mode) you can now select who knocked them out. Blinds Schedule screen now shows which chip values can be coloured-up, and which are still required, for each level/break ... Read more

Blinds Are Up! 3.9.1 Released

Version 3.9.1 When screen casting is active, a Cast button is now shown on the Run Tourney screen that navigates to the Cast Screen Tool when tapped. Fixed issue where the 'Outlined Timer/Blinds Text' option resulted in strange font outlines being drawn on some devices. Important: Support for Android 4.4 will soon be dropped. The next major version of the app (Blinds Are Up! v4.0) will only be available on devices running Android 5.x or above ... Read more

Blinds Are Up! 3.9 Released

Version 3.9 Added Player Name Format options, accessed via the Player Database screen. You can now set different name formats for the Blinds Display and the settings screens. Added dictionary definitions for 'stuck' and 'unstuck'. Fixed an issue preventing a Player Database being imported from a file located on Google Drive. Compatibility updates for Android 12. Important: Support for Android 4.4 will soon be dropped. The next major version of the app (Blinds Are Up! v4.0) will only be ... Read more

Blinds Are Up! 3.8 Released

Version 3.8 'Call the Clock' countdown timer/alarm. Use the Display Settings screen to show it on a Sidebar. Use Alarms screen to configure it. Player Name format options added to Display Settings for Sidebars. Prize List added to other game info on the Game History screen (for new games only). Player names on the sidebar are now updated immediately when changed in the Player Database. Adjusted text sizes of Prize Pool and Average Player on sidebar to avoid cases of too-small text. Pro ... Read more

Fun with Bounties: Secret Santa Bounty

Just before December's Christmas game this year, one of my players suggested we add a fun kind of side bet - a Secret Santa Bounty. The idea is that, once all players have contributed to a bounty prize pool, one player is randomly and secretly chosen to be the Secret Santa who has a bounty on their head. Whoever knocks out that player wins the whole of the bounty prize pool there and then. If the Secret Santa player doesn't get knocked out (if they eventually win the poker game) then they get ... Read more

Blinds Are Up! 3.7 Released

Version 3.7 Sidebar items can now be shown on the new Right Sidebar. More poker dictionary definitions. For users with "No Ads Plus" upgrade: Player Database - Track tournament entries using player names. Game History tool - View and export game results including player names and finishing positions. Import/Export the Player Database via CSV files. "Pro Tournament" upgrades: New upgrade options to better support professional games and larger tournaments ... Read more

Blinds Are Up! 3.6, 3.6.1 Released

Version 3.6 New Quick Setup dialog accessible from the Run Tourney and Set Up Tourney screens. The most important settings required to set up a game are now all in one place, with presets for five major game types. Version 3.6.1 Android 11 compatibility update for Alarm Speech options ... Read more

Blinds Are Up! 3.5.5 and 3.5.6 Released

Version 3.5.5 Fix for Android 9/10 layout issue causing a crash on some devices. Version 3.5.6 Fixed: When manually setting the number of Starting Stack Chips in the Chip Calculator, the highest value chip was sometimes set to zero when saving/loading Tournament Settings. The Chip Calculator settings, including Starting Stack Chips, are now Exported/Imported when Chip Stacks and Chip Set are both selected ... Read more

Blinds Are Up! 3.5.3, 3.5.4 Released

Version 3.5.4 Android 11 compatibility update. Version 3.5.3 The app now checks to see whether Google Play Services is installed and enabled which helps a number of the app's functions to work correctly. On the Run Tournament screen, buttons for Rebuys, Add-ons, etc. are now disabled until the first player is added. Fixed: Early Bird count is now set back to zero when Tournament is Reset. Fixed: An empty Sidebar was being shown when 'Show Time to Next Break' was the only Sidebar option ... Read more

Blinds Are Up! 3.5.1, 3.5.2 Released

Version 3.5.1 Added some common operations to the Help dialog accessed from the Run Tournament screen. Renamed the Level Length screen to 'Timer Options' and simplified its contents. Version 3.5.2 Tapping Time to Next Break on the Sidebar now takes you to the Blinds Schedule screen. Fixed issue where notifications could cause the app to crash ... Read more

Blinds Are Up! 3.5 Released

For users with 'No Ads Plus' upgrade: Support for a notification which shows the current blinds and remaining level/break time on Android's lock screen. This option ensures alarms remain active when the screen is off and allows you to quickly check the current blinds and remaining time without unlocking your device ... Read more

Fun with Bounties: Chocolate Bounty Chips

Early in 2020 I had an idea for introducing a fun but harmless type of Bounty into a monthly poker game I run - Chocolate Bounty Chips! I didn't want to affect the game's basic structure as we had already started our 2020 league season. But I knew that adding a free element to the game (the chocolate was my treat) which players could either joke about or ignore as they wish, would be acceptable to everyone. So, I bought a kilo bag of chocolate poker chips (easily found online) which I thought ... Read more

Blinds Are Up! 3.4.2 Released

Minor updates to extend support for Big Blind Antes: Added a Big Blind Ante option to the Schedule Editor which makes the Ante automatically match the level's Big Blind amount. Adjusted the Schedule Generator to account for the effect of Big Blind Antes towards end of game. Updated the built-in schedules to use Big Blind Antes, and added two '90 Minute Turbo' schedules. Added 'Hide default settings' option to the Load Tournament Settings screen. Option is below the last item in the settings ... Read more

Blinds Are Up! 3.4.1 Released

Service release for Android 11 compatibility ... Read more

The important differences between a Rebuy and a Re-entry

The terms Rebuy and Re-entry are often used interchangeably to refer to how a player can continue to take part in a poker game after losing all their chips. In both cases the player pays a fee, receives another stack of chips, and continues playing. However, these terms refer to two quite different ways in which a player is able to buy back into a game. These differences usually don't matter for small single-table games, but they can become important for larger multi-table tournaments ... Read more

Blinds Are Up! 3.4 Released

This release adds new features to better support cash and micro stakes games, increases the upper limits of stack sizes and blind amounts to support games that use very high chip values, and extends features available when using the 'Simple' money & prizes mode. New in this version: Added option to show 'Time to Next Break' on sidebar. Money and prize amounts can now be shown as Currency amounts (using device's local currency settings). Chip, Blind, and Stack values can now be shown as ... Read more

When exactly do the blinds go up?

One thing I often see at the poker table, both in public tournaments and in private games, is a player hastily pushing forward their Big Blind chips when the previous hand has finished with just a few seconds of the blinds level remaining. Hoping to "beat the clock", they soon end up disappointed after being informed by the dealer that, sorry, the blinds have actually gone up now. When hosting your own games, you can avoid such frustrations and (more importantly) any ensuing arguments by ... Read more