Blinds Are Up!

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Blinds Are Up! Poker Timer Guide

Display Settings

The Display Settings screen manages what is shown on the Blinds Display, including which Sidebar items are shown, the colours and images used, and what happens when you tap on various parts of the display.

The Timer section controls whether the Tournament Title, Current Level Number, and Previous/Next Blinds are shown. Deselecting these options will hide everything except the countdown timer and the current blind amounts for a truly minimalist look!

Two options control how the timer and blinds text is drawn. Text Shadows are enabled by default, and Outlined Text can be enabled to make text more readable when a background images is used.

Under the Sidebars section, you can select what is shown on the Left and Right Sidebars. Or, by deselecting all the options, hide them from view completely.

The Colours and Background section allows you to select colours for the text and background of the Blinds Display, and to select a background image from a range of built-in images.

The Controls section allows you to enable/disable certain actions when parts of the Blinds Display are tapped, such as pausing the timer when the remaining level time is tapped, or showing the relevant settings screen when something on the Sidebar is tapped.

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