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Poker League

The Poker League screen is where you can manage your own Poker League, with support for multiple Seasons and up to 110 games per season (enough for annual seasons of twice-weekly games).

Game results can be added to a season from games that appear on the Game History screen, imported from files previously saved via the Game History screen, or entered by hand.

The Summary page shows the players currently leading your league, and the most recent games in the current season.

The Standings page shows the complete list of players and their points. A table of current League Standings can be copied to the clipboard and pasted into other apps for sharing with your players.

The Games page lists all the games of the current season.

Game results can be edited with the Game Results Editor where all aspects of the game can be set, such as the cost of Buy-ins and Rebuys. Players can be added and removed, their finishing positions set, prize amounts updated, and more.

The Points System for each Season specifies how many points are awarded to players for each finishing position in a game. You can enter a simple list of points for the finishing positions, or you can enter a Points Formula containing mathematical operators and functions, using variables to calculate points based on a player's finishing position and other values from the game.

There are also tables of Statistics with details of the season's games and your players' performances.

These tables can be copy-and-pasted into other apps, or exported to HTML or CSV files for sharing or importing into spreadsheets for further analysis.

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